- 4 December

Digital Ship is excited to be back in London with the next in our series of Cyber Resilience Forums on 4 December 2018.

Cyber security is still justifiably very high on our agendas, with increasingly strong and clever threats being proven to disrupt business continuity. Real life examples in the maritime industry, and related sectors, including ports, terminals and the supply chain, clearly demonstrate the impact of cyber attacks and the important of building a clear response plan – as well as making sure that your operations, and team, are robust enough to withstand an attack.

An up-to-date insight into the cyber threat landscape is imperative to protect our business processes and data from attacks, damage or security breaches. Ship operators need to analyse potential risks, explore legal aspects and incorporate cyber resilience into their daily operations in order to organise business operations to reduce vulnerability.

In this era of the connected ship, with developments such as the cloud, IoT, electronic data exchange in the logistic chain, electronic navigation systems, our reliance on technology grows daily, which makes cyber resilience critical. So, how do we embed this into the maritime organisation, and how do we incorporate cyber security into all our systems and operations? If incidents occur, how do we respond and make the necessary contingency or recovery plans? We will also investigate regulations and guidelines to develop a safe, compliant, cyber capability in shipping.

The human factor is often cited as the weakest link. Ship operators need to increase cyber awareness both in the office and on-board. In this Forum, we will discuss ways to mobilise internal commitment, set up training and incorporate cyber awareness into daily procedures.

Speakers and Panellists include:

  • Andrew Webster, Partner, JLT

  • Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, Director, NLA, Former UK National Hydrographer

  • Robert Ball, Electrical Superintendent, BP Shipping

  • Capt. Kuzman Popov, HSEQ Manager, MOL Tankship Management (Europe)

  • Fredrik Hofgren, Infrastructure architect (Network and Security), Rederi AB Eckerö

  • Andrea Crosetti, Cyber Security Solution Manager, ABB

  • Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners

  • Lola Grundmann, ICS Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace Industrial

  • Stratos Margaritis, Solutions Architect, Navarino S.A.

  • Rolf Berge, Director, Product Engineering, Speedcast

  • Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist (CSS) & Advisory CISO, Thycotic

  • Achilleas Konstantzos, CTO, Aspida

  • Pete Adsett, IT Manager, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd

  • Julian Clark, Partner and Global Head of Shipping, Hill Dickinson LLP

  • Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Inmarsat

  • Chronis Kapalidis, Academy Fellow, Chatham House

  • Monica Tigleanu, Partner, Cyber & Technology E&O, JLT

  • Gadi Ruschin, Co-Founder/CEO, Wave

  • Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist, ESET

  • Richard Taylor, Senior Cyber Underwriter, Munich Re Syndicate Limited

  • Greg Moore, OEM Enterprise Technologist - EMEA, Dell EMC OEM

Building on the great success of the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forums in Rotterdam, Athens, Singapore and Hamburg over the past year, the 3 key sessions during this Digital Ship’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum London will contain plenary presentations and panel discussions:

Session 1

Facing the Cyber Threat: An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges

  • Reviewing the current cyber threat landscape
  • What are the major cybersecurity risks and threats affecting the industry?
  • Is cyber the true disruptor across maritime?
  • Reviewing the cyber threat across other sectors and lessons learnt.

Session 2

Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness

  • Balancing cyber resilience with the business case.
  • Safeguarding cyber security in an increasingly automated world
  • Blockchain - securing the shipping world

Session 3

Training, Awareness and the Human Factor

  • Translating guidance into training for the shipping industry
  • How to asses and change an organisations behaviour to respond to the cyber threat
  • Mobilising internal commitment on-board and on-shore
  • Incorporating cyber awareness into daily operations and procedures

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