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Opening Insights

0900 - Opening Notes and Introduction by Conference Chair
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Session 1

- iShipping

A Focus on Trends, Talent & Technology

The rise of digitalisation and advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain autonomy, AI and VR, promise a faster, safer and more scalable supply chain for all parties and better business outcomes and increased supply chain transparency. What are the trends and benefits? How do we define digital competence and harness talents?

These massive opportunities mean massive complexities and security challenges too, so which are the right tools to use in this industrial revolution – and how can we keep our people and ships safe.

This session will break down some of these enabling technologies and discuss how they can be used - and what are the benefits and pitfalls to watch out for.

0915 – In Pursuit of the Digital Platform
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0940 - How Blockchain and Tradelens Facilitate trade and Improve Compliance
click for bioStewart Jeacocke, Customs Lead – Global Government Centre of Competence, IBM,

Stewart JeacockeBiography pending.

1005 - If We are Serious About the Digital Transformation of Shipping, Open Source is the Only Way to Go

  • Why a single, proprietary digital platform for shipping would be bad for the industry
  • The lessons we can learn from the open source software movement
  • A real-world case study: how Open Banking has revolutionised UK consumer banking
click for bioNick Chubb, Head of Growth, Intelligent Cargo Systems

Nick ChubbNick Chubb MNI is the Founder and Director of Antares Insight, a market research and media consultancy which helps leaders within maritime and logistics understand the applications and implications of emerging technology within the industry. He started his career as a deck officer in the Merchant Navy before moving into maritime technology when he came ashore.

Nick is also the Head of Growth at Intelligent Cargo Systems; a maritime technology startup on a mission to eliminate delays in port. He previously worked at seafarer welfare charity Marine Society where he led the development of Learn@Sea, a digital education platform for seafarers with over 10,000 members.

Outside of work, Nick is an accomplished ultra-endurance athlete, having completed a 300-mile solo trek across the Arabian Peninsula and the notorious Marathon des Sables; a 156-mile ultra marathon across the Sahara Desert billed as “the toughest foot-race on earth”.

1030 - Discussion Forum: In Pursuit of the Digital Platform

  • Reviewing applications for blockchain in the maritime and logistics space
  • This forum will provide our session speakers with an opportunity to share their outlook and opinions and invite questions from the floor
Hosted by:
click for bioMike Powell, Founder, Cardinal Point Maritime

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1100 – Tea/Coffee Break

1130 – Why the Call of the Sea is Stronger than Ever

  • Jon will discuss why right now is such an exciting time for the marine industry with opportunities all around us, and how the barriers around us – including the role of technology - us can enable us to seize this opportunity.
click for bioJon Key, Director, Key and Co Ltd.

Jon KeyBiography pending.

1155 – Where Next for the Supply Chain?

  • Why the impact of e-commerce means a sea change for world shipping. Just as the introduction of containerisation had as big an effect as the switch from sail to steam, so will the impact of the next shipping revolution: e-commerce and the Internet of Things.
  • Containerisation transformed practices, slashed costs and bankrupted long established shipping businesses that failed to adapt; and make no mistake, so will the e-commerce global revolution.
  • Those businesses that fail to adapt and ignore the need to automate to integrate their supply chains with the likes of Alibaba and Amazon, won’t survive the next tsunami in world shipping. Conversely, as Amazon evolves into a freight forwarder and Alibaba starts to sell space on Maersk ships, it’s time to embrace the Prime shipping opportunities e-commerce brings.
click for bioDavid Jinks, Head of Consumer Research, Parcel Hero

David JinksBiography pending.

1220 - Panel Discussion: Safeguarding Cyber and Security in an Increasingly Automated World
Hosted by:
click for bioJulian Clark, Global Head of Shipping, Hill Dickinson LLP - Chairman of the CMI Cyber Risk Sub Committee and Maritime London Technical and Innovation Committee

Julian ClarkBiography pending.

Panellists include:
click for bioJayan Perera, Associate Director Cyber Security Consulting, Control Risk

Jayan Perera Biography pending.

1300 – Lunch Break

Session 2

- Investing in the Digital Era

This session will look at the wider financial and investment implications that digital disruption is having on the maritime sector. This will include a look at:

  • Digital’s impact on the financial and economic outlook
  • Building the business case and measuring your ROI
  • Assessing investment choices and opportunities
  • Accelerating change through start & scale-ups
  • What does Brexit mean to shipping?

1400 – Digital Investment in Shipping
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1425 – Accelerating Change through Start & Scale-Ups
click for bioAnders Flensborg, Managing Director, Flensborg and Associates & Partner, PortXL

Anders FlensborgBiography pending.

1450 – Shipping & Brexit – Impact in the Immediate, Short Term and Long Term Future

  • Opportunities and barriers
  • Round up of current position
  • Trade risks and opportunities
  • Impact on law
  • Impact on insurance
  • The future
click for bioJulian Clark, Global Head of Shipping, Hill Dickinson LLP - Chairman of the CMI Cyber Risk Sub Committee and Maritime London Technical and Innovation Committee

Julian ClarkBiography pending.

1515 – Tea/Coffee Break

Session 3

- The Connectivity Evolution

Cloud, IoT, big data, remote monitoring…. Digitalisation is moving at a fast pace. The ever-growing use of on-board applications and increased data flows in shipping means that reliable data communications and platforms are even more critical.

This closing session of the day will look at how evolution in connectivity is changing the maritime and transport landscape by improving operational agility, enhancing efficiency, creating a safer, more secure environment and enabling greater efficiency.

1545 – The Evolution of Maritime Connectivity – An Outlook

  • Revenue and demand estimates and forecasts for the service providers
  • Market drivers such as the evolution in operational applications (IoT, digitization…) and growing connectivity demand for crews
  • Main technical and cost inhibitors
click for bioJuliette Caillault, Consultant, Euroconsult

Juliette Caillault Juliette Caillault is a Consultant of Euroconsult, based in Paris, France. She regularly contributes to consulting missions and research reports primarily focused on the mobile market. Her experience lies in the maritime satcom market and the competitive market landscape of maritime connectivity by satellite. Juliette is the main contributor to the following research reports: “Prospect for Maritime Satellite Communications” and “Prospect for L-Band, IoT & M2M Markets”.

Prior joining Euroconsult, Juliette worked at Thales Alenia Space within the Business Line Telecom, where she assessed small satellite telecommunication’s market. She also worked in corporate strategy for Rabobank. in China. Juliette holds a master Degree in Economics and Market Organizations, from the Toulouse School of Economics. She acquired expertise in quantitative market analyze and methodology in cost-benefit analyzes.

1610 – Reserved:
click for bioSpeaker to be announced, Inmarsat

Speaker to be announced, InmarsatBiography pending.

1635 – Next Generation Communications Powering the Truly Digital Ship
click for bioRobert Squire, Director, Thales Certus

Speaker to be announced, InmarsatBiography pending.

1655 – Panel Discussion: The Maritime Satcom Summit Panel
The panel will discuss the opportunities and boundaries of maritime connectivity including most recent developments, case studies in other domains and challenges in connectivity for unmanned vessels. How can they support ship owners and managers to enhance operational agility and effectively manage costs?
Hosted by: click for bioTo be announced

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Panellists include:
click for bioJoe Apa, VP Maritime, Speedcast

Speaker to be announced, InmarsatBiography pending.

1740 - Conference Conclusions Followed by Drinks & Networking Reception

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